Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi, Everybody!

I'm so happy that I've finally been able to get the ads in here the proper size, and in positions that are more pleasing! It's about time, huh?!!! LOL! :)

I've been away for several days, gone to a church conference all day Saturday, performing in and singinging a solo for our easter program, which was a week after Easter, due to another conference. I've gone and had an epidural in my neck which has caused much pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and hip injections (both), which has caused pain in both hips and for which I was required to lie on pillows on my stomach (which I never do, as it cause severe low back pain), so now that hurts very badly, as well! :)

All that being said, I just wanted to say hello to everyone who has been coming here, and to thank you for coming. I hope you will be patient, and continue to come and check out this blogspot, as I am constantly working on it, as time and health allow, hoping to make it more interesting and attractive to you. Please know that I really do appreciate you coming. Please, feel free to leave a comment for me, whether it be about the pics, or a suggestion for things that will make the site more exciting/interesting and appealing.

Unfortunately, though, tonight's visit must be short, due to the injections and the way they've exacurbated my "normal" pain levels. :)

I hope to be back in a day or two, and I will try to make more frequent visits, now that I've gotten the ads in how I want them to be!

Thanks again for your patience, and for leaving me some comments or questions. See you soon! :)


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