Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What A Day!!!

Hi, Everyone!!!

I'm stopping in to say hello, so you know that I'm here, and that I haven't given up on setting this site up the way I would like for it to be in the end.

I have had to spend yesterday away from home and have work done on my teeth (enchanting, isn't it?!!) LOL! Yes, I have to keep my smile nice, so the day was spent in Charlotte, and we went and toured the Billy Graham Library, and the museum, I guess -- his childhood home, where he and Ruth shared their lives, pictures of all the family and extended family, pictures of Billy with officials and leaders from all over the world. Everybody loves that manand his wife, as evidenced in all the mementos from people everywhere on the planet, from trips they made to serve those in other countries. I thought it was just so wonderful -- and looking in the library at all of the books they and others in their families have published was just amazing! There is such talent in that family, along with their devotion to God!

You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with hand-made jewelry, right? Well, I was just inspired by the talent, and the way that each of them made the decision to do something, and then stuck with it until they succeeded in doing or creating whatever it was they had decided they were supposed to do with their talents.

It works that way with other artistic gifts/talents, as well. Before I discovered that I could take some sterling silver or gold filled wire, or even copper or brass wire, now, some gemstone cabochons or beads, and make them into beautiful pendants, earrings or bracelets, I would have just gone on wishing that I could do something with my talents, instead of going ahead and finding books and websites where I could learn more and further develop my skills.

Also, I have since learned that although I'm permanently disabled and unable to work outside my home, I am also able to learn (with help, of course) to set up a website whereby I can discuss and also sell the jewelry which I have been creating. This to me is the most awesome thing!!!

SO, I went and toured an amazing and inspiring place where I learned even more about some very well known and famous people, and came home even more inspired to use the talents and gifts that were given to me, and now I'm here to let everyone know that I may have trouble setting up this site to be optimal as far as its appearance and how much it earns me, but I am still here trying and learning bit by bit, and not giving up.

I hope this blog will be an inspiration to someone else who feels that they don't want to keep trying, or that they don't know enough to do something. You do, and you can keep going. If I can, truly, anyone can!

Have a blessed day, and please continue to come and leave questions or comments for me.

Blessings, sunny days and peace always,
ninib :)


  1. I heard about your blog from somebody on our Facebook page and I thought I would check it out. Thank you so much for this information, I thought it was fantastic!

  2. I found your site on this morning and really liked it. I bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back soon to read your new posts!