Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Time to Say Hello Again!

Hello, Everyone!

    Well, it's been quite while, I know, since I was here last, so I thought that I would just take a few minutes out from doing classwork to say hi, and tell you what's been going on, and why you haven't heard from me for awhile!
    As some of you may (or may not) know, I have gone back to college online, and have thus been otherwise occupied for most of the time! While it is exciting to be earning a degree, it is also daunting, time consuming
and exhausting. I had been warned at the outset that online courses are more accelerated and condensed, and this has proven to be true! Add that to the fact that I have chosen to pursue a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, and what you get is someone with shaky fingers whose eyes will no longer stay open! :) I would like to report, however, that I did receive a perfect 100% in my first course (A) and hopefully am on my way to another A (Although it may not be the whole 100%)! Wish me success, please!

That being said, I hope you'll be understanding as to why I haven't been here very much lately, and that you will continue to be patient with me, and still come back from time to time and see what's going on!

Are you prepared for the new fall season with regard to your jewelry? Are you aware that layers are still in for the fall, and that purples, plums, earth tones, and especially big, chunky funky styles around the neck have still graced the runways in the latest fashion shows?

That's right! So, when you go hunting for accessories to adorn yourself with and match back to your newest outfits, look for big and bold, but organic, earthy and natural. Look for natural gemstones, in big chunky beads, with a bold focal point and maybe a nice, unusual clasp that can be worn in front, slightly off center. Also, earrings of the same material, yet in chandelier styles or big hoops with natural gemstone accents are in for the new season. And remember to get rings, too! Again, big, bold and natural is the winning combination, so find something that coordinates back to your neckpiece and earrings, and throw in a nice gemstone bead bracelet, too.

Another item that is winning votes is the beaded gemstone bracelet watch, either in the more tailored style with an actual leather or metal band with a gemstone bezel, or the more relaxed bohemian style, with layers of beads, even mixed from tiny seed beads or rice pearls to the bigger smooth and faceted gemstone beaded styles. The sizes and styles are often mixed now on a multi-strand bracelet, as well as the necklaces, and the stylized clasps, often theme-oriented are hugely popular, and a necessary addition to every "in" wardrobe!

A couple of things to add to your wardrobe, which are popular during this summer season and will also carry over into the fall, (everyone loves a double-duty piece of jewelry!) are seashell and wood or seed beads. Wood is entering its second season, and is gaining popularity due to the ever-rising cost of precious metals and gemstones. Carved and polished wooden beads and focal points are making a huge comeback from the seventies' macrame era! Just about any color goes now, in the wood, but of course, nature-inspired colors are most popular for the upcoming autumn season. Just look at nature's palette when considering what colors you want to add to your wardrobe.

Seashells of all types have also been added to the material choice list for the past year or so, but are gaining in popularity as time passes. Especially popular is the abalone shell, and the paua shell, with their rainbow of colors. They'll match any outfit, with the greens, blues and violets and beautiful pearlescence that will catch any eye. Of course, pearls are always a classic, only now they're updated and often larger pearls or multi-strand pearl necklaces are often seen worn with even casual outfits, especially the ever-popular bohemian style skirt and peasant top or tunic. Pearls are also seen with chain segments between them and other gemstone beads, faceted or smooth, of varying shapes, even in natural, polished nugget form. There are many new ways to wear pearls now, around the neck, or in a bracelet, ring or earrings.

Well, I hope this little segment has helped some of you to figure out what you want to look for when you shop accessories this season, and I wish you happy hunting!

I am back to the classroom for now, with several assignments to get in by tomorrow! I hope to be back soon.

Blessings to everyone,
ninib :)
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