Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Back! Will Be Sharing More Beautiful Pieces Soon!

Hello, everyone!

After a prolonged bout with my disability taking over in a major way, and feeling weaker and more ill with each passing day, I wanted to come and apologize to everyone for being away for so very long. I have not at all given up on any of you, nor have I lost interest in blogging about what I love to do most or sharing pics of my newest creations and talking about them, but it's been ever so difficult to do so with legs and feet, hands, arms and neck not cooperating, hurting if they feel anything, other than numbness, tingling and stinging.

Added to that, my computer has been down since late April, and was just repaired about 2 weeks ago. YAY! SO, now I have my own puter again, and have decided to give it my best shot to return as frequently as possible to talk about something new in the area of creating jewelry from sterling or gold filled wire and gemstones, or precious metal clay, or a combination thereof. There have been many new things I've been able to read about or see in educational videos, so there is much to discuss. I am anxious to see how much I am able to create, especially since I have some really neat new supplies to share with you, also.

That being said, please do return and look for me to post something very, very soon. I definitely want to share some pics n descriptions of some new gemstones, and try to create more beautiful pieces. ALso, I opened an Artfire United shop under the trade name Darshan (a glimpse of The Divine), referring to the fact that The Creator made all the beautiful gemstones and metals - all that we use to "create" our pieces with - we are actually just embellishing everything we use, as He already made it, so the gemstones and all of creation is but a small glimpse of Him, and I find that just amazing!

SO, I look forward to seeing you here, and reading your thoughts, comments and questions and responding to them very soon.

Blessings :)

Before I close until my next post, though -I just had to share an email which a paper that I subscribe to sent me tonight. I wanted to do this mostly to share a certain attitude of our president toward one specific News Channel and their hard working reporters, but also to share other important information which I found in it, as well - information which I am not able to find without serious hunting elsewhere, and still doubt the truthfulness of what I read. I am sharing this for no other reason than for the sake of sharing important knowledge with you - and I hope that it is construed and accepted as
such -SO, here goes: ...

"Obama Hates Fox News"

"It's the summer of 2008 and Barack Obama is beginning to slip in the election polls.

He blames Fox News for his election worries.
He agrees to a secret meeting at New York's posh Waldorf Astoria hotel with the head of Fox News, Roger Ailes and other top honchos of their parent company News Corp. The meeting goes into meltdown mode as a finger wagging Obama furiously vents his anger against Fox and their top conservative host Sean Hannity.
Have you heard about this?

Probably not, but Newsmax magazine, in a just-released special report "Obama Hates Fox News," reveals how Obama's war on Fox News all began, how it unfolded, and even predicts what will happen in the future.

You need to get your copy of Newsmax's "Obama Hates Fox News."

Boycotting debates, kicking journalists off a campaign jet, planting questions from friendly media during presidential news conferences, freezing adversarial media out of interviews, singling out individual journalists to scold them publicly — they've all been part of Team Obama's efforts at manipulating and intimidating the media.

Newsmax magazine's special report "Obama Hates Fox News" takes an in-depth look at Obama's army of advisers, who seem to some critics part of an audacious end-run around congressional authority.

You can also check out our FREE offer — the Emergency Radio — a $30 value and something every home must have. Go Here Now. This exclusive Newsmax report explores: The real reason Obama targeted Fox Team,  Obama's secret weapons against the press,  Glenn Beck: Obama's new "antagonist in chief",  The pro-Obama anchor who calls Fox "worse than al-Qaida",   How Obama's anti-Fox crusade boosted its ratings,   Fox Chairman Roger Ailes' heroic role in defending a free press,   The secret, fiery exchange between Ailes and Obama,   Democrats' surprising view of Fox News programming,   Why Chinese leaders censored Obama's remarks on criticism,   The political sex scandal that ignited Fox's ratings boom,   How Fox scooped the media on the ACORN videos,   The many faces of Fox - no two are alike,   Rupert Murdoch, Obama, and the Hillary connection,   Anita Dunn's controversial attack on Fox ,  Press secretary Robert Gibbs' "contempt for the press",   The media bogeymen who pestered eight presidents,   Why Obama agreed to a Bill O'Reilly interview,  The Obama campaign's blatant threat over an NRA ad,   Obama's campaign plane: "No room" for McCain backers,'s effort to boycott Fox The Fox host who's the "prince of fairness" toward Obama,   A litany of bipartisan slams on Obama's media policy,   How CNN cornered Obama aide Valerie Jarrett on media bias,   The Obama-Fox "peace talks" that failed,   What the future holds for the Obama-Fox war And more ....
Find out how you can get this report FREE — PLUS get an Emergency Radio worth almost $30 with our FREE offer. Go Here Now.

In addition to our in-depth cover stories and hard-hitting investigative reports, we entertain a constant stream of notable guests.

Past issues have included incisive commentary from such experts as George Will, Kathleen Parker, Michael Reagan, Ben Stein and David Limbaugh — to name a few.

This edition of Newsmax magazine also includes:

Obama taking "friendly fire" from Democrats ,Tea parties stir up conservative women,Gay marriage loses 31st straight election, Pelosi's posse: Her 9 closest allies in the House, Sarah Palin's star rises again, Top 10 picks to play Palin on film, Mexico's new vigilantes crack down on crime,
David Limbaugh: We're in a 9/10 state of denial, Comcast-NBC deal could transform TV, movies
Can we clean up our money mess? Hollywood's new bad guys: Capitalists, Fidel Castro fascinated by Obama, Judicial Watch sues Chicago over Olympics bid, Lou Dobbs plans a comeback,
Ben Stein: Fighting for the world's best country, Palestinian Christians are under the gun,
Battleground tourists: Vets revisiting Vietnam, Baptist leader Richard Land calls for activism,
Spendthrift Nicolas Cage mired in debt, Women make big impact at work,
Dr. Laura: Some acts are unforgivable, How to hire your ideal broker, Peter Greenberg 'Returns' to Vietnam, You can lose weight, but AVOID trendy diets, Cholesterol drugs: what you must know
Don't visit a hospital before reading this!
There is so much more in Newsmax magazine, which won a Gold Eddie Award in the News/Commentary category of Folio magazine’s prestigious journalism awards, the Eddies.

Ben Stein says Newsmax reveals the “unafraid, uncomplicated, bare-knuckles truth about today’s dangerous world.” Mike Reagan, the elder son of the late President Ronald Reagan and chairman and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation, says: “I guarantee that you’ll love Newsmax magazine. The liberal media moguls hate Newsmax.”

And Sarah Palin says Newsmax is one of her top news sources and describes it as "very very helpful, valuable."

Find out why more than half a million people read Newsmax magazine each month.

Better: Be one! Get our "Obama Hates Fox" issue and an Emergency Radio with our FREE offer — Go Here Now. "

Of course, since I was not trying to use their links, etc., you will have to go to in order to subscribe, but since it is free, I think that's a scathingly brilliant idea, don't you? I hope that you take them up on this great offer - a free emergency radio in exchange for a free subscription to a great, very informative news magazine, and it contains information that is vital to your well-being, and that's health, financial, mental, emotional, and that of those you love, also. So, go for it - and no, I don't receive a thing in exchange for sharing this - I just thought that I should do the right thing, that's all.

Thanks to all of you who come to read here, and please do share your comments, questions and opinions.


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