Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello Again!

Hi, everyone!

I know it's been awhile since I've been here and posted anything, but it's because I had a computer that died on me, and I had to wait for my financial aid stipend to come, so that I could replace my laaptop with a new one, and then I had to set it up and make sure that all my accounts were accessible and that I was able to edit them, and to do whatever else is necessary to do on each of them.

I have gone back to college online (finally!) and I had to have the computer so that I would be able to take the classes. I needed updated software and technology, also, since I'm getting a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media.

I'm hoping that while earning this degree, I will be able to help people to set up their own websites, so that they will be able to display and sell their artwork, just as I will be trying to set up a better website from which to sell my jewelry.

I will also be learning html editing, which will come in very handy, since there is
apparently some issue with a robots.txt that's been interfering with google's robot crawling my sites with adsense, and since I never knew the first thing about them, and also don't have access to this root domain, I know that it's not because of me that my income suddenly stopped multiplying, and actually dropped to not even a cent for weeks at a time!

I will figure out what's been going on and fix it so that whatever is happening, it won't be able to be done successfully once I do!

Well, I've had a very long day and nght, and I n eed to sleep, because I'm supposed to go swimming and to aerobics (chair aerobics) in a few hours!

Have a great day, and thanks for coming and checking out this site!

Blessings, ninib :)
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